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            Ultrafast verification code, the choice of 50,000 businesses.
            The voice verification code provided by Cloopen announces
            the code using voice broadcasting by directly calling the user’s number which can avoid
            problems of SMS not always being timely or safe for whatever reason.
            There are just too many factors which impact the successful
            SMS delivery rate with problems frequently occurring. With the help of voice verification
            code,fear no more that users cannot receive verification codes.
            • HOW DOES IT WORK
            • Step1
              The user clicks Obtain Voice
              Verification Code
            • Step2
              The user is prompted to answer
              inbound calls
            • Step3
              The user obtains the verification code
              rapidly by answering the call
            Yongche Inc
            Yidao YongChe is China's most innovative commercial online booking service
            platform for car sharing, is the first e-commerce website in China offering professional car rental service.
            High delivery rate, avoid scalping,
            Use of voice verification codes not only increases registration conversion, but also effective
            in preventing malicious scalping during activity links.
            ——Technical Director, Yongche Inc