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            Data distribution platformthat go on line over in seconds
            Provide the detailed inquire of phone traffic gift and mass export function
            Help the product upgrade the marketing promotion efficiency quickly and transform in the key link for users
            Help APP, game and E-commerce carry on the mobile traffic gift according to the user's mobile phone number in marketing promotion link
            Analyze user group data to help products distinguish the phone traffic gift accurately
            • HOW DOES IT WORK
            • Step1
              Users see the promoted app on
              thedata-free market.
            • Step2
              Downloaded onto the phone using the
              phones data credit allowance.
            • Step3
              The user promptly receives a refund and
              complimentarydata credit allowance.
            360 Mobile Phone Assistant
            360 Mobile Phone Assistant is the largest market for Android
            phone apps in China, providing affluent download of android apps for consumers.
            The rapid development of data allowance-free business benefits from the
            advantage of Heihei Data’s countrywide coverage, and the speed with which accounts are credited.
            ——Operations Team, 360 Mobile Phone Assistant