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            Realization of an inbound call solution through
            the integration of an inbound call network and a cloud platform.
            Through the operator’s inbound all network and Cloud Communications’ platform,
            we provide clients with a variety of solutions including distributed call centers and Direct Inward Dialing access and so on.
            Cloopen enabled the smooth establishment of distributed call centersfor financial institutions.
            Financial institutions‘s dealerships are to be found across the country.
            Previously, they did not manage their dealerships’ data relating to telephone calls, but now they have established
            distributed call centers they have resolved the issue of a unified managed of customer resources.
            Use of different access numbers has reduced call center costs.
            • HOW DOES IT WORK
            • Step1
              A customer calls the dealership hotline
            • Step2
              A uniform call center manages the data
            • Step3
              Communications between the customer
              and the dealership are smooth
            China UnionPay
            China UnionPay is a joint-stock financial institution co-established by more than
            80 domestic financial institutions, approved by the People's Bank of China; As of June 2017, UnionPay has spread across China's urban
            and rural areas and has extended to 160 countries and regions in Asia, Europe, America, Oceania and Africa.
            A national 400 shared-pay number operation dramatically reduced costs.
            Dealing with large volumes of telephone inquiries requires high long-distance costs for 400 numbers.
            Use of Cloopen has greatly reduced costs.
            ——China UnionPay